In these angry, bewildering, terrifying post-Roe days, a bit of related wisdom came to me: I now understand why I didn't find my elder siblings earlier in our lives, when I was much angrier. There is no telling what I might have told my sister, when I found her, and wouldn't it have been terrible …

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Mother’s Day: Lost, Sought, Found

It must have seemed possible to invent a more palatable past, to stay one step ahead of the truth if one just moved often and fast.

Hair Time

"Avert your eyes. I'm not here. You're not seeing this," I hollered at Paul, still in the shower, as I sat on the edge of the tub, lathering my legs from the travel-size can of Barbasol my daughter left here last Christmas. Starting with the right leg I continued, "This is on the same continuum …

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Happy Maternity Day

It's a tricky one, Mother's Day. It means well. It started out well and then, well, it met Capitalism and kind of lost it's way. In recent years some brave voices have quietly reminded us that all this in-your-face motherly fantasy, every May, does not bring unmitigated joy to all. I confess to being sometimes …

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#MeToo, Part II

Perhaps it's my age showing: at the outset of #MeToo I surely did have one large, life-defining #MeToo moment to share, but the other day another episode popped into my head completely unbidden, just Pop! there, in the middle of an only semi-related conversation. I wonder of my middle-aged sisters, those of us raised amid …

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Mother’s (birth)Day

Today would have been my mother's 82nd birthday. I can't even imagine what a wizened old crone she would have been, what with the sun-exposure, the smoking, the arthritis and asthma. I can't imagine this specifically because the cigarettes killed her at 49, when I was 21, and that was a long time ago. We …

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All Women Have Weinstein Memories

The Harvey Weinstein revelations this week have been a particularly loathsome example of the hurdles women still face professionally but for me, it hit rather surprisingly close to home. It brought up a memory I guess I'd have to say I repressed, as it was days in before I realized, standing in my kitchen and …

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