America: Better Than Donald Trump

Something has been circling around my brain for months now, accelerated by the shambolic presidential campaign in which it seems each candidate is vying for the position of Most Unbearable. One insists victims of rape carry their unwanted pregnancies to term, another suggests carpet-bombing the Mideast is a viable foreign policy, one is a pleasant old …

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Mark 2:5 & Everything We Think We Know about Addiction might be Wrong

Now those are friends. Those are the friends you call at midnight when you've just been dumped, or need bail money. Those friends are there for you, even if they have to vandalize a house to be so.

Lenten Food

I couldn't help thinking of my late friend, Jeff, this morning as I ate my breakfast. It was delicious: half a whole wheat bagel generously spread with home-made hummus, topped with thinly sliced cucumber and grape tomato halves, and sprinkled with home-made zesty Italian dressing. So flavorful and healthy! Sometimes I chop up a few …

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A Lesson in Graciousness

It's Monday. Yesterday, despite having recently been dragged to see both Room and Carol, Paul took me to the glory that is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The Carolina Panthers did not win the Superbowl, and I'm nursing a case of chips and Rotel cheese dip, shrimp and cocktail sauce (extra hot), buffalo chicken tenders …

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Ivan the (recently) Terrible, Blanca, and the Politics of Cats & Dogs

Poor Ivan, Ivan the (recently) Terrible, Ivan the cat nobody wanted. Found by my step-son, Sean, the night Sean's mother died, he'd been abandoned to whatever fate befalls tiny kittens taken too soon from their mother. There was no sign of momma-cat or siblings, just tiny Ivan, whom kindhearted Sean scooped up from a dumpster by the local …

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Dam Hearts

Our house is a five-minute drive from the largest man-made lake in South Carolina, Lake Murray, a reservoir fed by the Saluda River and across which is the Saluda Dam/Dreher Shoals Dam. A dream since the turn of the last century, the lake is named for the engineer, William S. Murray, who made it come true. It's …

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