The Chasm Between Us

Reblogging this from my friend, Fr. Mark Abdelnour, who teaches here about the chasms between people. Wherever you are, consider crossing the chasm, whatever that means to you, between you and someone(s) on “the other side”. You might actually need only go half way – people will often meet us half way. At least that’s been my experience – when I’ve been open to instruction, truly listening, folks are often patient and kind.
This year has seemed a very divisive one, to me. Such a lot of yelling. Not a lot of listening. The man-made chasms stretch out between God’s people. So I commend to you these wise words of a good man.

– Carole

Irmo Rector

a sermon for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 21C)

When the rich man died, he begged Father Abraham to send Lazarus down to comfort him.  But a great chasm separated them.  But where did it come from and could anyone ever get across?

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The Passive-Aggressive Hurricane Move

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