Hair Time

"Avert your eyes. I'm not here. You're not seeing this," I hollered at Paul, still in the shower, as I sat on the edge of the tub, lathering my legs from the travel-size can of Barbasol my daughter left here last Christmas. Starting with the right leg I continued, "This is on the same continuum …

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Wonder Women All Around

The first time I saw this in a parking lot, I was irrationally irritated. Seriously? I thought. Humpf! I waddled my fat pregnant ass from the back of beyond all through Christmas. Yeah, petulance is not my best side. I'm not proud. More rationally I thought: Since when do pregnant women need special parking? It's not …

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Feminists & Goats

How much might such women have accomplished if they had rights? Birth control? Equality?