Three Things Thursday: Blanca

Blanca Chases Ball



Three Things Thursday, an exercise in gratitude, an idea stolen (with permission) from This Nerd’s Life, with which we spread some Happy in a needy Universe.

This time all three of my things are Blanca, as in her amazingly expressive face. Here are three photos of my Blanca, showing only a little of her complex character.



I worked at 6A and 5A High Schools and have seen, thrown, and received some serious side-eye and yet, I think Blanca could hold her own against even the snarkiest teenage girl, don’t you?

IMG_0582 (2)
Oh puhleeez! I invented side-eye

She is an intellect, as you can see below her questioning nature. She’s asking Life’s big questions: Why does Kitteh object to my fascination with his butt? If pine cones are not for shredding on the bedroom floor, what is their ultimate purpose? Do all balls roll under the furniture, or just mine? What will become of Flipper the Dog on Mr. Robot?

IMG_1062 (2)
Asking the Big Questions of Life, The Universe, and Kitteh Butts

But I think what I love most about Blanca and all dogs is they’re just generally very chill, open to any and all new things and people. She’s delirious with joy when the doorbell rings – Postman, UPS guy, repairman or neighbor, anyone, no matter his or her color, creed, or national origin, is a friend to Blanca. She is unfailingly pleasant to all around her, even Ivan the (recently) Terrible,  whose rejection she just plum refuses to acknowledge, though not in an icky, stalkerish way, more in the completely accepting, friendliest way possible. (And I wouldn’t say this within his hearing but secretly, like waaaaaaaay down inside that furry fury, I think Ivan occasionally experiences something akin to affection for her, too.)

IMG_1074 (2)
Keep Calm, and Blanca On

During bad days at my last school when there were multiple fights and extra police had to be brought in, I found myself occasionally considering that if Staff were allowed to bring their friendly dogs, everyone would benefit. It’s hard to be a jerk when you’ve got a friendly dog putting his head in your lap, or gently begging you, with a paw on your leg, to fetch her ball from under your seat. Just as babies and dogs give manly men an excuse to act like lovey-dovey fools, perhaps the strategic deployment of dogs would go a long way to mending our sad, cynical, troubled old world. Because it’s hard to disagree with those around you when you’re all laughing at the dog who is surprised, for the 37th time that day, to discover the cat objects to close-range inspections of his butt.

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