Three Things Thursday: June 9, 2016

Idea for this exercise in gratitude stolen with permission from My Nerdery/This Nerd’s Life. Check her out! I love her and I think you will, too.

Three things that made me smile this week –

This thing. Paul and I found it walking back from my unsuccessful attempt to get a good shot of the Adluh Flour Mill building and it more than compensated:

Success Gong Downtown Columbia

Whoever Marvin Chernoff is or was, I love that he put this out for anyone to sound when met with success. I didn’t, since basically my only success yesterday was getting out of bed. But one day I will; I will drive down there and sound this gong. You have been warned.

IMG_8668 (2)

This guy. I know exactly how he feels, it’s how I feel about oh, three times a year when my hair behaves. Salon days don’t count because stylists are professionals and tame unruly hair every day but when I get all of mine to cooperate all at the same time, this is how I feel. Wheeeee!


IMG_8786 (2)This stuff, for those moments when one’s inner photographer says, “Oh, looky! Pretty flowers on the side of the road!” Because why look down, said photographer soon finds she has trod, in flip-flops, directly through Fire Ant mounds. Believe it or not, the ants take issue with that sort of thing.

What things have made you smile, or feel grateful for, this week?


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3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: June 9, 2016

  1. This is a great idea for a weekly blog post. Neato. Love the idea of some glorious sound ringing out when I do something spectacular. Wonder if there’s a gong sound on my iPhone? I’ve got crazy hair which I’m thankful is cut in a way that works with the curl instead of against it. Now that’s gratitude! 🙂

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