Weekly Coffee Share: Breakfast Burrito Edition

Good Morning! Grab a cup and settle in. I hope you like breakfast burritos. They started out as breakfast tacos, but these are a little larger and so we roll ’em up burrito style. A good strong cup of coffee is just right with them, along with a cool glass of milk.

IMG_8267 (2)First I fry the chorizo with diced potatoes. Chorizo is a spicy Mexican sausage and, as is true of all sausages, just don’t ask what’s in it. Just eat it and adore it, as Paul and I do. This is the first layer placed on the foundation of flour tortilla. If you have a gas stove, the best way to warm a tortilla is straight over the gas flame.

Back home in Texas, one can get breakfast tacos with barbecued brisket and they are heavenly. But I haven’t done a brisket since I got to South Carolina; this is a matter I must rectify, and soon. But I digress…

IMG_8278 (2)Next comes fluffy scrambled eggs. I appreciate  your tact in not asking why I don’t use one of the four wire whips of varying sizes I own, or the immersion blender to scramble the eggs instead of the humble fork. The habits of childhood never leave one.

Now, a generous sprinkling of cheese. Today is just cheddar, though I am also fond of pepperjack on a breakfast taco or burrito.

IMG_8277 (2)

Hot sauce, because in California we are weened on it. Better is if I’ve made fresh salsa but alas, only hot sauce today. I buy it online by the case, from California.

Paul and I are both fond of diced green onions. Ok, I am more than fond of green onions, I adore them. If there is a tablespoon of left-over diced green onions, I will save those onions and find something to put them in or on.

IMG_8280 (2)
The Finished Product: Ready to roll

I would wait until we are done eating before telling you the most exciting thing that happened this week: I became Carole, Slayer of Snakes, the First of Her Name. Let me pour you another cup and explain: I was alerted by Blanca’s barking. Blanca is a very vocal dog, but most of her vocalizations are not standard-issue barking. She grumps and whines and whisper-barks, fusses and yelps at Ivan, when there is a Ballmergency, or she wants attention. So genuine barking, like watch-dog barking, is so rare it brings me running.

Flying out the side door, I find Blanca barking, and Ivan hissing, and the two of them have cornered a black snake! Said snake was not happy and was striking at both animals in turn, and then at me, trying to get the animals back because I had no idea if this was a Good Snake or a Bad Snake. I don’t remember the little rhyme about yellow on red or black or whatever, and except when a rattle is present, I am snake-clueless.

Back through the house and into the garage  for my weapon of choice: the flat-headed shovel. Blanca and Ivan, still working as a team, have held the snake at bay and with two wallopings of my shovel, it was dead. So very dead.  A little bit of guts-leaking-out-one-side-dead. I was sorry it took two swings as I wanted to be merciful, but I am no Ned Stark, although a case could be made that in this situation, I was certainly Jon Snow, who Knows Nothing.

post-mortum snake

Paul came home just as I was putting Dead Snake into a plastic grocery bag for burial. He offered to take a picture of me brandishing it, but I have no real need for fame. Plus I didn’t have makeup on.

It turns out it was a harmless snake, a black Rat Snake, who eats, predictably, rats and other rodents. But I am told it will bite and though not poisonous, it can lead to infection.


So I murdered a potentially good snake.





My other exciting news is that soon, when you visit we’ll have fresh tomatoes, as my lesson in macro photography shows. (Of course I’m about as good with plants as with snakes, so maybe don’t hold your breath on those tomatoes.)

IMG_8224 (2)
They wanna be tomatoes when they grow up.




How was your week? Did anything unexpected wander into your life? I hope you didn’t kill it.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Share: Breakfast Burrito Edition

  1. The breakfast looked very tasty! OMG if that snake had been in my presence I may have fainted. I am very afraid of snakes and to me they are all poisonous and will kill me lol. We have a garden with tomatoes as well. Last year it did not produce much but then again I wasn’t taking very good care of it! Trying to better this year. I enjoyed reading your post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The breakfast burrito sounds awesome sans the hot sauce. I’m from Indiana and it’s not a regular item from birth, unfortunately. I wished I liked it because it sounds like it adds so much flavor to meals. But, alas, I have overactive taste buds and I can taste individual items in food rather than the taste of all of them together. So, the hot sauce stands out. Can you make mine without hot sauce?


  3. The breakfast burrito looks good, although, I might pass on the hot sauce until lunch time…It’s a good thing you’re there and not here in Georgia. I just found out, from reading this week about snakes in our area, that it is illegal in GA to kill non-venomous snakes! Which is fine by me, because I don’t mind a black snake staying around to get ride of rodents and even other venomous snakes sometimes, but I truly didn’t know it was illegal…ya learn something new everyday. 😉 Happy summer!


  4. jmss08

    I’m going to have to make breakfast burritos soon. Jim and I both like Mexican flavour. He likes hot, hot hot (did I mention hot?) sauces! I like mild to medium. Great photo! I so like and admire your prose!


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