Three Things Thursday: an Exercise in Gratitude

Three things that make me smile.

This is an idea stolen with permission from  It’s about simple things we’re grateful for. Check her out; I promise you’ll laugh, and think, and be glad you did.

Here are mine:

IMG_8240 (2)


beaters full of cake batter. Seriously, I don’t need to explain this, right? No one else is home….




IMG_8249 (2)



Pinwheels. Here’s part of my table arrangement for Memorial Day. Like bottles of bubbles, they provide me with child-like delight.



IMG_7231 (2)



Doggie Doors. Because then I can remain Lazy. And also because Blanca’s, “Is the coast clear?” expression while Ivan sits waiting to pounce, is priceless.



It’s the simple things, right? What are you grateful for?


6 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: an Exercise in Gratitude

    1. Sarah, Memorial Day is the US national holiday when we remember our war dead. At least, that’s what it is supposed to be. It’s become an excuse to have barbecues and get the first sunburn of the year. But there will be some solemn remembrances. It’s a little like the UK’s Remembrance Day in November (is that right?), which we recall as “Veteran’s Day”. I wish we took it more seriously. When I was a little girl, veterans would offer poppy pins and collect donations for the wounded (during the Vietnam war). I haven’t seen this done in forever. I worked with a Canadian (who had a British mum) a few years back and we made our own poppies to wear on Veteran’s Day, as there was a really nice school assembly on the day every year. Trooping of the colors, we honored our staff who had served, the choir sang (and made me cry one year with On Flanders’ Field).

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      1. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before. You’re right, Remembrance Day is November 11 – a much easier time of year to be solemn in remembrance, certainly here in grey and foggy England. But I think Remembrance Day has changed here, too, from something very solemn to more of a celebration of war. When I was a child, both world wars felt close enough to touch. And many, many people around me remembered them. That personal impact is fading now. Anyhow, enjoy (if that’s the right word!) your Memorial Day!

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