Weekend Coffee Share: Terrifying Bubbler Edition

If we were having coffee, it would be a quick one because I have so much to do! We’re having one of Paul’s best friends in life over for dinner, and so I have shopping and cooking and baking and cleaning to do, oh my!

But we’d get a laugh over Blanca’s fear of and refusal to drink from the new water thingy I got the pets. It holds a gallon of water, keeping the bowl always full. It is made from BPA-free plastic and has a charcoal filter to screen out impurities (which I hope will help Ivan the Terrible and his propensity to bladder infections) but despite all of these excellent features, Blanca wants none of it. Nope, no, nein, non!

Last night, Paul sat on the floor with her and dipped in his hand, getting her to drink from his cupped hand poised over the bowl. But this morning she fussed at me while I was at the table making my shopping list and downloading recipes for chocolate ganache, then followed me into the kitchen and fussed and whined some more. To my puzzled, “What?” she sat and stared meaningfully at the kitchen sink. She had just walked past Ivan drinking from the new bubbler, which I pointed out to her, “See, Kitteh’s figured it out and thinks it’s ok,” hoping to inspire a bit of sibling rivalry, but apparently she’s not inclined to competition.

terrifying bubbler
It just doesn’t seem scary to me.

I led her to the bubbler, splashed my hand around to show her the cool, fresh, filtered water within. She watched, then resumed her position staring at the kitchen faucet. And I have to say, there was a bit of attendant attitude on display.

By now maternal instinct was kicking in and I began worrying about her getting enough fluids, so of course I relented and filled the Psycho Kitty bowl to which she is accustomed, and she drank it dry. What to do, what to do?

But for now I must run to the store, then back to the kitchen to bake cornbread for tomorrow’s church picnic, a chocolate cake with espresso-flavored mascarpone filling and chocolate ganache for dessert tonight, and assemble the lasagna Paul requested for dinner. Funny how it’s always lasagna he wants. Funny how I’m always happy to oblige him that. With garlic bread.

I hope you enjoyed your coffee, and have a wonderful weekend planned.




7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Terrifying Bubbler Edition

  1. If we were having coffee I would tell you that my dog, Luna, was the exact same way when we got a similar water bowl! Ours bubbles when the dogs are drinking because the water level lowers and as it replenishes the bubbles float through the water in the container. My Luna would go up to the bowl as if it were going to bite her, quickly get in a few laps, and bolt away like her life depended on it. She is a bit skittish about everything, which we attribute to her being traumatized before we rescued her from the shelter. The poor thing has gotten used to the bowl now, but to this day – if it bubbles while she is drinking she jumps a foot in the air! It is actually really funny to watch… Just a bit concerning when they won’t drink. I hope your baby gets over her fear soon! Worrying about our dogs is the worst!

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    1. You give me hope for Blanca! I got her as a 10 week old puppy from a rescue shelter; don’t know that she was terribly traumatized there, though I know she and her litter mates were dumped there underweight and infested with fleas. She’s hilarious just generally, will soon be 8 months old. I will tell her about Luna and hopefully, she’ll be inspired!

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  2. If we were having coffee you’d see I was laughing at your pet’s refusal to use something new and infinitely easier for you. Isn’t it always the way? Your weekend baking and cooking plan sounds ambitious, but delicious. Have a happy weekend.


  3. Sounds like you’ve got a delicious dinner planned. I think that should make up for any lapses in cleaning that might occur. 🙂 Animals are such amazing and wonderful creatures aren’t they? I have a cat who gravitates to anything blue. She considers it imperative that her food and water only be served in appropriately colored dishware. 🙂

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