My STAR Word… Oh Myyyyy….

What a great Epiphany at St. Simon & St. Jude! It began, as all fun things should, with a feast, specifically, a “Feast from the East,” the East being taken a bit tongue in cheek. I’m not sure from what part of the East Party Potatoes come but, in the words of Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there…”.

Our Wise Kiddos leading the way,  candles in hand we followed the Kings into the sanctuary, soon glowing with our combined light. The choir was in fine form and three members donned “eastern” attire, strongly reminiscent of Steve Martin’s King Tut routine, and had us in stitches performing a skit with crabby, saddle-sore Caspar complaining the entire road trip to find the Christ child. Because every road trip has someone complaining, right?

three kings 2
photo courtesy of Rindy Bishop Abdelnour / Friends of St. Simon & St. Jude Episcopal Church, Irmo, South Carolina

Fr. Mark indulged my desire to introduce STAR Words. Warmly embraced by the congregation the only worry was would there be enough left over for those not present. Thanks to Marci Auld Glass’s file (thank you, thank you, thank you Marci!) extras will be available as needed.

Our STAR words, in an appropriately star-shaped basket Meesh found in the Youth Room closet, were placed to one side of the Altar and we drew our words as we left the communion rail. In his introduction, Fr. Mark assured us that should we pull a word we felt positively “allergic” to, it was ok to pull again; however, one might consider the possibility that a strong reaction indicates Holy Spirit has hit a nerve (paraphrasing hugely).

I watched to see if anyone displayed a particularly visceral reaction to his or her word but, except for one woman who put hers back and drew another in the manner of reaching for candy and finding a Brussels sprout, most faces remained composed.

Except mine.

I pulled the STAR word, “Authority,” and immediately heard Eric Cartman demanding “… respect my AUTHORITAH!” and judging from the amused smile I got from a woman in the front pew, my face said it all.

All my problems with authority.

All the times I bucked the system, whining but that’s not faaaiiiiirrrrr….

All those fights with my mother.

All those broken rules.

Daring to speak Truth to Authority on the job, and working every day after expecting to be fired.

And above all, how I too often forget Who actually has authority, or should anyway, while I’m trying to control Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Authority Star
This should prove an interesting year of reflection, meditation, and prayer for me and my Authority-shaped star.

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