Friday Five: Needing an Epiphany

Michelle at RevGals asks, what do you do when you’re spiritually stuck, and in need of an Epiphany? In no particular order:

Clean. Yes, I use the trick of cleaning for lots of stress-inducing things and one would think I had an immaculate house but no, my house is clean in the fits and starts of worry in my life. But I can’t think clearly in clutter and mess, so it serves a dual purpose, the mindlessness of vacuum, mop, and dust-cloth doing their work while letting my brain float free. Along with in the shower, many epiphanies are found while making tidy.

Thumb through the prayers in the Book of Common Prayer. I might not find exactly what I’m needing, but it will fuel enough thought, enough of my own prayer, to eventually lead me to Pray.

Read a familiar book or watch a familiar movie; due to its familiarity, whatever I am drawn to in the moment allows my mind to wander free, yet contains some kernel which often unlocks the door I need to step through. And Mansfield Park or The Godfather are always worth another viewing, yes?

Pray, specifically for acceptance. I’d like to say I do this first, but I’d be lying. Eventually I come to it, after I’ve exhausted myself trying to control the situation and impose my own will. You know, generally how I got myself stuck in the first place. Must remember to start here in future…

Do something for someone else. It gets me out of my own head, makes me feel good, and gives my brain a rest.

Thanks, Michelle! Now I have a list of what I do and clarity on which should come first to save bother. Can I look forward to next Friday’s Five being, “How to Quickly Recognize When One Needs an Epiphany”?




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