Ten Things that Happened While Everyone Was Talking About Starbuck’s Godless Red Cup

Aung Sung Suu Kyi’s NLD party won in a landslide election in Myanmar. While she’s prevented from assuming the post of President due to a discriminatory clause in the constitution, the NLD won the 75% of the vote not controlled by the military (which retains 25% of the seats constitutionally) and Suu Kyi can be expected to rule in all but name.

A shooting at a police training center’s canteen in Jordan killed five and wounded six. It’s particularly concerning as Jordan is generally a relative bastion of peace in the troubled middle East.

Fourteen more migrants fleeing their war-ravaged homes died when their boat sank off the coast of Lesbos, some were children.

The Federal Reserve said again they kinda maybe might raise interest rates. Maybe.

Whole lotta hacking going on, like, the biggest discovered yet. It’s a “Brave New World.”

If you’ve an interest in global warming, and a strong stomach, check out China’s love for coal-fired electrical plants.

Here’s a way some scientists are developing ways to heal coral reefs, and it’s also quite beautiful.

They might have to pay a bit more, but Microsoft is helping European customers keep their data safe from prying American eyes. Don’t look for this to help American citizens keep their porn collections, er, data secure anytime soon.

Religion doesn’t appear to make kids kinder or gentler, according to a recent, limited study.

Missou activists, having taken concerns public in the form of protests, seek to put that genie back in its bottle when it reflects poorly on them. Yeah, kids, freedom of the press is one of those worthwhile things that is sometimes hard.

Any one of these stories is more interesting than a red cup, more worthy of our attention, and will make us appear intelligent in conversation over a cup of coffee.

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