A Tardy Friday Five

MaryBeth at RevGalBlogPals poses the question, if you had to be in a hotel suite for an extended period of time, say, a month, what five items would you most like to have with you? So here goes:

Laptop – it brings the whole world to me without all the screaming and agita of TV news and even better, is stuffed full of photos of everyone and everything I love. Bonus (this might be an opinion), I could write.

Kindle – can’t be stuck anywhere for any length of time without some good stuff to read.

My New Oxford Annotated Bible and my Book of Common Prayer – yeah, I could have those on my Kindle, but it’s just not the same.

Lavender scented candle – comfort and stress relief; always took a small candle with me when I had to travel for work.

Various herbal/medicinal teas, most especially chamomile.

What’s in your hotel-suite comfort go-bag?

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