Intro 101

With a long habit of cart-before-horse, I’ve been blogging for a few years, though never with any consistency or, God forbid, any formal training. Now, here is WordPress offering a free how-to course in blogging, regardless of where one’s horse or cart may be in the great cosmic barn continuum. First up, an Introduction and Why.

So, to go the latter first I blog, or write, because words have always been my friends. Putting words on paper, or in today’s world on a screen, feels as natural and necessary as spreading butter on hot toast.

I started blogging when I first began working in Education. There was so much new and shocking and wonderful and overwhelming about it I had to put it somewhere outside of my own head, lest it wear grooves on my brain; then it reminded me how much I like playing with language, using words to paint pictures or to establish connections between often disparate people. Writing has given me many things: justification, on occasion; validation; unexpected criticism with which to shake myself awake; wonderful dollops of perspective; voice. What started as a blog about my experiences in Education, became instead my experiences of Life, and Faith, and Loss, and…. Everything.


And now the hard part, the introduction part, and I am woefully reminded of my dating-sight profile which demanded I have a HEADLINE, for heaven’s sake, and so mine was the pathetic, “Headline? I have to have a HEADLINE?” because I couldn’t think of one, but that one made my husband, Paul (before he was my husband, obviously), laugh and so here we are on this day, our second anniversary and I still haven’t introduced myself and thus, haven’t completed the assignment. So, please allow me to introduce myself, I have neither wealth nor fame, but offer instead an over-developed sense of the absurd and a great desire that one day we will all just learn to get along. I am a California girl gone South and occasionally I have Thoughts, and I shall endeavor to put the more curious or vexing here, hoping that in the next few weeks WordPress shall teach me how to do that well.

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