Weekend Coffee Share: Mesquite and Salsa Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d probably be going back and forth between nervous chatter over my news, and wall-eyed, silent panic over everything it means for the immediate future.

Over our first cup, I would wonder if you’ve grown up hearing this expression, “Careful what you ask for, you just may get it,” the inference being what is received is never as awesome as one thinks it will be. Or the reality of “it” is not what one thought. I’ve generally been pretty darn careful over what I wish for, with one or two spectacularly bad wishes that once granted, could only be chalked up to Learning Experiences.

But what do you know? It turns out the “it” actually can be every bit as awesome as one believes, but still a little overwhelming when attained, most especially when it comes at one like a speeding train, maybe one of the super-high-speed trains they have in Germany or Japan. Part of me wants to say, every time I spontaneously give thanks to our kind and merciful God who surely heard the prayers in my heart, even when I didn’t speak them aloud, or even let them near my frontal lobe, must it be quite so quick, O Lord?

A Texas Spring Tradition

We’re going home. In about the space of time between heartbeats Paul was told of a position, encouraged to apply for it, interviewed, was offered and accepted an excellent new job – with a full relocation package – back home to Texas. Texas, where four of our five children and all our grandchildren are, most especially the new baby boy we’ve yet to meet. Texas where the barbecue is redolent with mesquite and the sauces peppery; Texas where the Mexicans don’t dumb-down the salsa for the gringos because the gringos grew up on jalapenos and serranos, too; Texas where the freeway signs encourages one and all to “Drive Friendly”. Texas, where singing, the stars at night, are big and bright…. will always engender the enthusiastic response of, deep in the heart of Texas! from any and all passersby. Texas, where the highways turn purple and blue with bluebonnets, and everyone stops on the sides of even the busiest to plop their children into them and take their picture.


There have been changes in Texas we won’t like: open carry laws have passed, which I find frightening. I don’t want to get caught in a shoot-out among untrained civilians thinking they’re Wyatt Earp. But I wouldn’t like that if I’d been there when it happened. The Governor and Lt. Governor are both idiots, but that can be said for many states and I can hope my presence in the next election might turn the state at least purple, if not entirely blue.

We might have wished to be in South Carolina just a little longer; there is still so much to explore and see! The Rector of our church here sent us off last Sunday with a blessing that choked me up, I guess I hadn’t realized how attached I’d gotten to some of the people here, people who were kind and welcoming to us. I know I will sorely miss the Pumpkin Patch this Fall.

This weekend, I’d beg your indulgence as I babbled on and on about everything and nothing, and cut our coffee a bit short. Paul has a whole new challenge ahead of him and I am looking at a truly staggering amount of packing up to do, which right now seems like the metaphorical elephant sales trainers are always asking how one may eat. But I’ve been through enough of those trainings, and moves, to understand that for all my panic, the correct answer is always: with hot sauce (of course) and one bite at a time.

Here’s some of what I love about Texas, by Mr. George Strait.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Mesquite and Salsa Edition

  1. Oh my Carole! How wonderful for you and your family! My only regret is not having had the opportunity to know you beyond the occasional ‘passing by’ through church and performances. I am so happy for you, and join the crowd of ‘well-wishers” in saying “Godspeed”. ❤

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  2. I have myself been surprised at how small changes in geographical location can seem so huge, almost like worlds apart (moved between provinces myself). However, it sounds like this will be a wonderful homecoming for you on the family front. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing.


    1. I was shocked when I moved from California to Texas how different everything was. It was just another state in my own country, right? But they were worlds apart. I was pretty obnoxious about it, too. But I came to love it. I came to SC with a much more open mind. Thanks for your good wishes!


  3. sljeffrey3128

    Well don’t leave us in suspense. Where specifically is his job and more importantly where are you looking to live? So so thrilled for you not to mention your family and friends here!!! 👏🏻👍🏻🎉🍾💃😄


  4. Going home is always such a wonderful feeling, even if it hasn’t been home for a long time. Somehow home will always be home, even when it’s not. That’s how I feel about California. I’m not there anymore. I’m in Oregon but my heart is in California.

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  5. Sounds like the move to Texas is going to be a joyful one. Of course with some saddness in the air, but that’s what change always brings doesn’t it. Wishing you a worryfree move and safe travels back “home”. Cheers from Finland!

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